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K-9 Spencer

Schedule a K-9 team demo for your school or event, depending on the date, time and availability of our K-9 unit. We require that you provide us with all the details, including advance notice, so appropriate dates can be scheduled. Emergencies arise, and K-9 teams may have to cancel any engagement to assist their community or other communities in their work. If this occurs, we apologize and another date may be arranged.
These K-9 demos are designed to portray the skill involved and the work performed by the K-9 teams on a daily basis, plus give both children and adults an opportunity to gain knowledge and ask questions about the K-9 Unit. Basic obedience, agility, and mock narcotic searches are conducted free of charge. The one-on-one interaction encourages children and citizens to build trust toward officers and to learn drug awareness. Occasionally, we will have a photographer taking pictures of the children with the K-9’S, and they may be posted on our web site/Facebook page. If a teacher or parent has taken a nice photo, it may be submitted to us for consideration for listing on the web site. If a child does NOT have permission to have their picture publicly posted, please bring it to the attention of one of our deputies.
These K-9’S are remarkable and provide extraordinary value to the lives of our citizens. If you would like to arrange a K-9 demo in your area or have questions, please email: Julie Schmidt Julieschmidt@spencercountyky.gov

Complete this form and return to Julieschmidt@spencercountyky.gov or mail to Spencer County Sheriff’s Office:

Julie Schmidt
P.O. Box 475
Taylorsville KY 40071