Committed To Serving and Protecting the Citizens of Spencer County

Welcome to the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office. As the Sheriff, I am proud to say that the Sheriff’s Office is doing more for the citizens of Spencer County than ever before. This is due to the overwhelming growth of Spencer County over the past several years. Because of this growth, I felt it was the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office to step up to the plate and provide the citizens of Spencer County the type of service that it’s taxpayers expect. The following are some of the issues we have given great attention and will always continue to improve:

  • Professionalism
  • Call Response
  • Increased Training and Developing Specialized Units

As the Sheriff I want all of our citizens in the county to feel that they are safe and secure as they go about their daily activities. In order for this to be successful, all of the entities must work together which includes our elected officials, the local police department, schools, churches, businesses, and civic groups.