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What We Do

Mission Statement

The mission of the men and women of the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office is to provide

professional, courteous, and competent law enforcement to the citizens of Spencer County. The

Spencer County Sheriff’s Office enforces the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both

the statutory and judicial limits of our authority. We will maintain the peace and enforce local,

state and federal laws and safeguard citizen’s constitutional guarantees. We take extraordinary

care in treating the public with fairness, dignity and respect, while protecting ourselves from harm

and providing for our and their safety.

The Spencer County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at

its maximum potential without the support of the citizens that we serve. Public support is

essential to our success. We work for and with the citizens of our community as partners in the

process of enhancing public safety in Spencer County. We will form a partnership with the

community in order to provide responsive, and efficient quality service through cooperation,

problem solving and accountability and a free exchange of ideas.

Our badge is a symbol of public trust. This places great obligation on our organization to

maintain a high level of professional integrity. Our conduct earns us respect. We will continually strive to be seen as a part of our community, rather than apart from our community.

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